Bridge Bearings

Structural Bearings

Structural bearings transmit vertical and horizontal loads and permit rotations around any axis between the structure and the foundations. Therefore, they have an extremely wide range of applications.

Design and manufacturing

Our bearings can be designed and manufactured for practically any load and displacement in a working temperature range between -20ºC and 70ºC and have actually been tested for vertical loads up to 100.000 Kn.


MK4 bearings are widely used in structural, marine and civil engineering applications, particularly in bridges. Bearings are available in carbon steel as standard and in stainless steel for applications where corrosion is a potential problem. Each particular project has specific needs that require a tailored bearing for maximum efficiency at minimum maintenance.


MK4 bearings bearings are designed to meet the requirements of the European Standard EN 1337 and have consistently achieved the quality certification of the CE mark. Nevertheless, MK4 can also supply bearings complying with other international standards upon request, such as AASHTO or BS 5400.

Structural Isolation Products

Structural isolation products protect structures from the effects of big cyclic displacements such as those induced by an earthquake by isolating and damping the movement of the elements above them. A careful selection of materials and designs ensures that the vertical loads are still transmitted between the structure and the terrain while the device recenters by itself after the cycles cease.

Design and manufacturing

Our isolators are usually designed and manufactured following European (EN15129) standard and the indications from Eurocode 8. The effective stiffness and the efective damping depend on the design displacement (dmax); an iterative procedure is carried out until the difference between the assumed and calculated value of (dmax) are less than 5% of the assumed value. Protoype test of curved surfaces sliding material have been perfomed by acreditted laboratories like Eucentre.

Histeric force and displacement relationship of PDL 6000/430/5

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