Post-tensioning of bridges

The MK4 post-tensioning system proposed, includes a gear range of anchorages, accessories and the necessary equipment to respond to the technical requirements for the construction of bridges and other structures.

The design and calculation of all the components were performed according to the new European code ETAG-013, which verification is an obligation in all post tensioning structures built in the European Union.

As application, we are providing post-tensioning for any structure as bridges, buildings, tanks of liquefied gas LNG, silos, covertures, communication towers, nuclear power stations, suspended structures, etc. in either internal or external post-tensioning.

The services provided by MK4 include the following aspects:

Post-tensioning in buildings

The use of post tensioning systems in buildings offers numerous advantages and is increasingly being used in this industry

Unbonded monostrand systems

MK4 can offer unbonded monostrand systems (greased and PE-coated stand). The MK4 unbonded mono-strand system uses 0,6” and 0,62” diameter strand of 1860 MPa capacity.


Multi-strand bonded systems

Multi-strand bonded systems with either round or flat corrugated duct is also provided as an alternative for the construction of slabs in buildings when this type of system is required.

MK4 also offers complete packages including alternative design of the slabs in addition to the conventional incorporation of our MK4 tendons (supply, installation and stressing).

The advantages of PT in buildings can be summarized as follows:


Repair, maintenance and surveillance of structures, especially old building and monuments are additional activities in which we are presently becoming very active.

The crucial role of post-tensioning in structures

In these structures, post-tensioning concrete plays a very crucial role proven that it is an efficient, economical and fast way of construction. In the same way, the structural stability, durability and long term performance of this kind of structures is strengthen when using a post-tensioning approach such as MK4 system.

Post-tensioning in structures

Tanks (food tanks, LNG tanks, Silos), Water Reservoirs and Wind Towers are also an important part of MK4 scope of projects.

Posttension MK4

MK4 technical expertise and long experience in similar projects will assist you and support you in any phase of the project.

Regarding LNG projects, MK4 system owns ETA approval for cryogenic and LNG tanks and has also carried out several specific test under cryogenic conditions in independent laboratories complying with the most stringent international standards. Vertical tendons and horizontal tendons are normally used.

The use of precast or in-situ post-tensioned concrete instead of steel is becoming more and more common in windfarms.

This is mainly because it offers very important advantages: higher energy production thanks to higher pylons, lower transportation costs, construction flexibility, smaller maintenance costs.

Our Wind Post-Tensioned concrete Towers have been specifically certified by DNV/GLL for one of our wind farms in Brazil. Towers were almost 120 m height.

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