Suspended structures

Suspended Structures


Suspended structures

MK4 as a specialist in the design and implementation of structural solutions for bridge construction offers their Clients a wide range of engineered solution for all type of stayed, suspended and hanging structures.

The experience

The experience of our site engineers in assembly and erection and the continuous development of new systems all culminates to add value to the projects.


Types of stays or hangers

Various types of stays or hangers can be used depending on designer preferences and requirements which are usually based on the following: Loads, Corrosion protection, Installation, Stay lengths, Cost, etc.

The MK4 System for Locked-Coil Ropes is mainly for medium span arch bridges, medium size suspension bridges and suspended roofs.
The MK4 Systems for stay with High Tensile Bars MKY1050 and with Structural Bars MKT 460 are available as well in our range of products.

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