Поступовий запуск

Incremental Launching


Incremental launching methodology

The concept of the Incremental Launched Method is to cast or assemble successive deck segments of approximately 15-30 meters long in a stationary formwork on concrete bridges (similar to factory conditions or segments of 100-200 meter on metallic viaducts) behind the abutment and then to push/pull the increasing lengths of bridge decks into their final position by sliding the segments over special Teflon-stainless steel devices (temporary or permanent bearings).

For the launching operation special “friction system” using hydraulic lift-push jacks is used. Alternatively, the launching can be done by means of hydraulic pulling jacks using strand or bar temporary tendons. A steel nose is installed on concrete viaducts or a temporary tower with stays on metallic decks.

MK4 is a leading company in this field having already successfully accomplished many projects of this kinds (concrete and steel structures) worldwide.
Typical scope of work (construction package) offered by MK4 includes:

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